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Latest Album Updates:

Blood Root Mother played show after show during the summer of 2008 promoting their album "The Rabbit Hole" and has sold almost 1000 copies. They met many new people and bands and had a great time getting out of the Twin Cities area a little bit. Near the end of July they won the Minneapolis Battle of the Bands at Trocaderos, narrowly pulling in a larger crowd than the new but nonetheless talented Melloroar.

We are planning to play less shows over the fall and winter and concentrate on new material. Early September they are going back into Winterland Studios to record a five song EP of newer material, and might record another EP in the fall depending on how things go. They hope to record their next full length album by the winter, which would consist of songs that no one besides the group has heard yet, and continue to spread their sound further out into the midwest.

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